Maximum Sheet Size

: 1060x760 mm

Minimum Sheet Size

: 400x350 mm

Maximum Cutting Size

: 1060x745 mm

Inner Chase Size

: 1080x770 mm


Maximum Mechanical Speed

: 6500 cycles/hour (subject to working environment, sheet quality and operation skills, etc.)

Designed Maximum Mechanical Speed

: 7500 cycles/hour





Ÿ   Automatic binder sheet inserter with electrical sheet presence control

Ÿ   Automatic selection of suction cups according to the sheet size

Ÿ   Constant compression level system (NCT)

Ÿ   Continuous pile lowering whist maintaining a constant height of the pile

Ÿ   Automatic pallet changing device

Ÿ   Automatic non-stop device

Ÿ   Waste or skeleton removal apron

Ÿ   Integrated Quick Locking System

Ÿ   Upper blanking tool mounting frame can be pulled out for quick job set up and make ready