News Release  BRAUSSE 1060ER



(A member of Bobst Group) is pleased to announce the launching of our new product : BRAUSSE 1060ER, a diecutting, stripping and blanking machine (the Brausse Blanker) to worldwide market.


This new Brausse Blanker is developed with the Group technical support and a great innovation aimed at satisfying the average production needs of the majority customer group with a limited budget and short return of investment period . While a number of latest new technologies are adopted, many proven technologies are also integrated into the product to make it reliable and risk free.


One example is, thanks to the unique new technology applied in the drive system, the grippers are allowed to have longer time in motion which in turn permits running job of complexity at desirable speed with less or finer nicks and,

at stripping and blanking station, familiar proven technology which normally will only be seen in world class product of our group are integrated at the same time.


Finally, as usual we remain the humble Brausse price to achieve an outstanding price/performance ratio which in current difficult economical environment is crucial than ever. 


·        Latest technology developed with Group support at affordable price, great price/performance ratio;

·        Feeder based on  Group standard technical platform feeding precisely and consistently wide range  stock  from 90 gram thin paper to 1000gm cardboard as well as micro flute corrugated board;


  • Ultrasonic double sheet control with no touch on the paper, hence scratch free , reliable and quick set up ( optional );
  • Pull and Push convertible side lay of  simple mechanism and driven by  optimized cam curve for easy handling of wide stock range;
  • Sheet arrival photo sensor at front lay and side lay detects wide range property paper stock: transparent, silver and black;
  • Two 10.4 inch wide colour HMI in the local language located in  convenient operation spot , very operator friendly;
  • 8 gripper bars of the state of art Group latest technology running extreme  smoothly, thanks to the unique design of large motion angle eccentric worm gear drive system which allows minimum number and size of nicks at reasonable maximum production speed;
  • High quality and precision casting iron platen and wall frames of most optimized structure ensures minimum make ready time and consistent pressure during production;
  • 5mm hardened cutting plate or 4+1mm sandwich plate on top 15 mm precision synthetic supporting plate with +/-1mm micro adjustment for quick set up and easy make ready;
  • Digital strain gauge diecutting pressure tonnage display at HMI with adjustable pressure limit protection;
  • Motorized impression on/off and fine tonnage adjustment during production;
  • Most efficient and smooth cam running curve drives the stripping and blanking tooling with large motion angle to ensure clean and tiny stripping and blanking at speed;
  • BSSR quick tooling set up system permits  fast job change over and hence high productivity at both stripping and blanking station;
  • Standard 200 mm high raiser for longer running time with one sheet pile;
  • Sheet take out at stripping and blanking station for inspection with one button;
  • Automatic binder sheet inserter with electrical sheet presence control at blanking station;
  • Automatic selection of suction cups according to the sheet size at blanking station;
  • Adjustable pile height for better pile symmetry;
  • Waste or skeleton removal apron;
  • Full sheet delivery at blanking station (optional);
  • Group high standard CE certification.



Maximum Sheet Size

: 1060x760 mm

Minimum Sheet Size

: 400x350 mm

Maximum Cutting Size

: 1060x745 mm

Inner Chase Size

: 1080x770 mm

Maximum Mechanical Speed

: 6500 cycles/hour (subject to working environment, sheet quality and operation skills, etc.)

Designed Maximum Mechanical Speed

: 7500 cycles/hour


Ÿ   Automatic binder sheet inserter with electrical sheet presence control

Ÿ   Automatic selection of suction cups according to the sheet size

Ÿ   Constant compression level system (NCT)

Ÿ   Continuous pile lowering whist maintaining a constant height of the pile

Ÿ   Automatic pallet changing device

Ÿ   Automatic non-stop device

Ÿ   Waste or skeleton removal apron

Ÿ   Integrated Quick Locking System

Ÿ   Upper blanking tool mounting frame can be pulled out for quick job set up and make ready